Agenda 2030

T4G is an innovative service for the incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the business strategy for companaies, organizations and authorities as well as the policies and the investment actions of municipalities, regions and Ministries.

MATCH2INVEST supports businesses and organizations to develop a holistic strategic framework that specializes in investment projects and business initiatives that integrate in one coherent model the principles of the circular economy, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. In essence, this strategic framework is an actual guide for the sustainable transformation of businesses and organizations.

As a complete service, T4G (Transformation for Good) can also be used as a public policy tool for both the local authorities and the national government. By the lifting of regulatory barriers and by adopting effective incentives, Greek businesses can easier integrate the Agenda 2030 in their business strategy and the whole of the Greek economy can in parallel transform its development model in a sustainable way.

Our Methodology in 6 steps

 1. Alignment of Purpose to SDGs 
 2. Select Priority Thematic Areas 
 3. Select Goals that correspond to selected Thematic Areas 
 4. Select CSR programs 
 5. Measure costs and build specific KPIs for each CSR program 
 6. Implement and monitor of CSR Programs 

Investment for the Future

MATCH2INVEST has developed a tailor-made specialized service that supports businesses to develop and implement a whole range of successful business plans in terms of fund-raising activities, reaching out to strategic investors, advice on how to participate and be included into development laws and government investment plans as well as assistance with license issuing and the development of networks for the creation of sustainable value chains.

In more detail, MATCH2INVEST supports businesses to promote their investment and business plans through the provision of advisory services in order to:

  • Develop integrated, profitable and sustainable  investment plans
  • Undertake feasibility studies
  • Seek potential funding opportunities and participate in subsidized national or European  programs
  • Select appropriate corporate governance structures
  • Ensure successful licensing and investment implementation
  • Network with and engage targeted stakeholders (suppliers, buyers, service providers, investment funds, Universities, research institutes, Non-governmental organizations)
  • Design and implement an effective communication  strategy